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Erleben Sie unser Chinesisches Restaurant in Düsseldorf 

China is not only known for its rich colors, in China you can also look forward to a wide variety of dishes. You don't even have to travel to China to enjoy these exotic delicacies. In our China Restaurant Hai Xian in Düsseldorf you will get to know the authentic Chinese cuisine. You will quickly appreciate our love of high-quality food, because we present you a real feast from a visual point of view. Our Chinese restaurant with rice noodles offers you a real classic, but you can also enjoy many exquisite Chinese dishes. The ambience is also convincing, because our restaurant has been furnished in a manner typical of the country. 

A chef with experience 

In our house in Düsseldorf, Xiaodong Fan is responsible for the dishes and so our restaurant even received the award for "International Famous Restaurant for Chinese Cuisine" due to his excellent cooking skills. High quality meat as well as fresh fruits and vegetables are combined in our Chinese restaurant with rice noodles, rice, fried noodles and many other side dishes. In addition to selected ingredients, the extraordinary spices reflect the diversity of Chinese cuisine. Discover the gentle sharpness of Szechuan pepper or let yourself be carried away to another country by the special note of turmeric. Even the scent of Chinese cuisine is unmistakable and increases anticipation.

For example, start your menu with an aromatic spring roll - or should it be a traditional Beijing soup? We offer a variety of tasty dishes as a main course and at the end you can round off your culinary experience perfectly with a sweet dessert. Of course, not only meat lovers get their money's worth with us, you will also find a large number of vegetarian delicacies in our menu. We also offer well-known Chinese drinks. 

Just visit us in Düsseldorf and get to know Chinese cuisine from its most beautiful side. The team at your Hai Xian restaurant looks forward to seeing you!

Fine and tasteful world of China

Dear guests, Chinese cuisine is always an experience. Many spices such as turmeric, Szechuan pepper or star anise provide the typical scent of Chinese restaurants and give the specialties an unmistakable touch.

In an exotic ambience of gold and red tones and under a large crystal chandelier, you can study our menu in peace. Even if you are not quite familiar with our dishes, we will help you when you choose between spring rolls or fried noodles, soup or meat dishes. We particularly recommend our preparation of the Peking duck wrapped in a mandarin pancake and its bones cooked in salt and pepper flavor, which requires a half-day reservation, and the tasty dim sum dishes, made up of small bites Yeast dumplings, beef balls, phoenix claws or mango pudding. Delicacies made from meat, seafood, vegetables and mushrooms are served as Wan Tan dumplings made from home-made wheat noodles. Our soup dishes such as Wan Tan are another specialty. The Chinese fondue offers an authentic Chinese treat. Various ingredients are tossed in a hot pot: the entire arrangement offers an atmospheric background for communication for all guests. In addition to the typical Chinese dishes, we also have Chinese drinks such as rice wine or green tea on the menu.

Xiaodong Fan has a scepter in the kitchen, who came to Düsseldorf in 2002, expanded this restaurant as one of the oldest in Düsseldorf and received the "International Famous Restaurant for Chinese Cuisine" award in 2009/10.

Our restaurant is particularly well known among Asian guests. You appreciate our authentic cuisine. 

Thanks to the clever layout of our dining rooms, our restaurant is also ideal for family and company celebrations. 

Our price level is encouraging. 

When you join us, a small, yet very fine and above all tasty Chinese world opens up. Take part, we look forward to seeing you.

We look forward to you!
Your Hai Xian team